Empresa strives to build inclusive urban communities that are unparalleled to the current way of living. We look to contribute to the health of a community by improving the urban residential experience. As a multifaceted developer, attention to detail and design are fundamental elements in how we build unique high quality homes. We seek out opportunities to improve all aspects of quality, whether that is quality of materials, quality of craftsmanship, or quality of life. We believe that improving our neighbourhoods must be approached collaboratively through strong partnerships and by supporting the work of great organizations.

Karl Robertson

Karl is driven by creating housing that will inspire unique experiences within vibrant cities.

At Empresa, Karl works to acquire and develop projects that will be catalysts in enhancing a city’s dynamic. Collaboratively working on projects from conception to completion, Karl ensures that quality care is put into every outcome.  Karl aligns projects to better the community environmental and social well being by engaging with organizations that create positive results.

Luke Harrison

With more than 15 years experience, Luke works to ensure that Empresa is known as a city builder. His varied development background allows him to approach the opportunities in front of Empresa with a global mindset. Inspired by the many challenges of creating housing in urban centres, Luke understands the solutions for better liveability in cities are found in the partnerships Empresa develops and cultivates.